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    How I Met Myself - A Character That Shows Determination

    How I Met Myself - A Character That Shows Determination

    Kajian Novel PMR - Tingkatan 3 Form 3 Novel - How I Met Myself : Synopsis, Plot, Characters, Values and Literary Device.

    Teacher! I made this, theme for How I Met Myself :)

    I have read How I Met Myself by David A. Hill. The theme of the story is determination which is shown by the main character itself, John Taylor.

    I have read How I Met Myself by David A. Hill. The theme of the story is determination which is shown by the main character itself, John Taylor. John Taylor was an English computer programmer who lived in Hungarian. One day, he was on his way back home, when he reached 7 Felka Utca, someone ran into John and he fell. The man ran away and said "sorry". However, after a while, John realized the man left no footprints in the snow. The man even looked like him. So he followed the man until he entered Zsolt Cafe. To his disapoinment, the man disappeared. 

    The day afterwards, John had nightmares and often woke up feeling fearful and uneasy. His wife Andrea, was worried about John Taylor. John Taylor felt as if something was not right. Like, the man he saw the other day was giving a message. John determined on finding out the truth. He started asking everyone and even went to a library to make a research regarding it.

    Finally, John found an old newspaper about 18th January, about a man name Janos Szabo who died in a war. John Taylor had confessed the truth to his wife about his weird behaviour lately, Andrea was supportive at first. But when Kati was born, Andrea became angry and asked John to stop with his nonsense stories.

    Despite their strained relationship, John persisted on finding out the truth. He never give up. One day, he went to 7 Felka Utca and met Mrs Fischer. The old woman told John about what happened to Janos Szabo, about his wife and daughter as well. John was happy because Mrs Fischer helped him.

    After 3 years, its 18th January again. John was on his way back home. He was thinking whether he should went to 7 Felka Utca to meet his doppleganger or not. Suddenly, he saw some men putting up a sign on an old shop. The sign written the owner name with "Szabo" underneath. Then John realized that it was a tailor shop.

    Szabo was Taylor in Hungarian language. To make it short, Janos Szabo was a Hungarian language for John Taylor. John decided to met Mrs Fischer again. He asked Mrs Fischer about Janos Szabo's wife's and daughter's name who died in a cellar during war. To his surprised, Janos Szabo's wife's name was Andrea. And his daughter's name was Kati, too.

    One week after that, John went to Public Records Office, a place where all Hungarians information are recorded. John Taylor asked for Janos Szabo's information who lived in 1945. John was shocked as he found out he and Janos Szabo shared the same birthdate. It was the 4th year of 18th January, John was on his way back home. 

    When he arrived, he found a note from Andrea. The note written that Andrea was replacing Zsolt at Zsolt's cafe. Andrea bring along Kati with her. John quickly ran out of their flat and went to 7 Felka Utca. When he reached there, he heard an explosion. He knew it was from Gergely Utca. He quickly went there and ran into Zsolt's Cafe. However, he was stopped by a fireman. 

    The fireman asked John Taylor to stay away from the cafe and go back home. John was heartbroken. On his way back home, a man accidentally ran into John Taylor. It was his doppleganger again. John's doppleganger was pointing at Andrea and Kati at the end of the street. John was overjoyed. His wife and daughter are alive. Andrea told John about his doppleganger who stopped her and Kati from entering the cafe. At first she thought it was his husband, John Taylor. But Kati insisted that it was someone else.

    The conclusion is, John Taylor is a caring man. He determined on finding out the truth as he believed there was a message his doppleganger trying to say. He never give up and spent most of his time making a research about the presence of doppleganger and Janos Szabo. 

    You may also download it here: How I Met Myself - Characters here.

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