Dah ada isi belum? Wanita luah perasaan bila sering ditanya, sedangkan..

Mendirikan rumah tangga dan dikurniakan cahaya mata pastinya anugerah tak ternilai buat pasangan suami isteri. Rezeki masing-masing, ada yang mengandung sebaik beberapa bulan selepas kahwin malah ada yang terpaksa menunggu lama.

Dah ada isi belum?, Wanita luahkan perasaan bila sering ditanya, sedangkan..
Dah ada isi belum?, Wanita luahkan perasaan bila sering ditanya, sedangkan..
Apa yang menyedihkan buat sesetengah pasangan bila sering diajukan pertanyaan seperti “dah ada isi ke belum?, dah mengandung?”. Pasti mengecewakan lagi-lagi buat mereka yang sudah berusaha sebaik mungkin.

Ikuti luahan hari wanita ini.
“Bila Allah nak kasi, Dia kasi lah”

The best part now is, bila ambik gambar, there’s no need to even try to kempiskan perut! Our first picture, Husband&I and our lil munchkin in the oven. I remember few months after we got married, orang asyik lah tanya “dah ada isi belum?” “Are u pregnant?” Especially when U get some marriage weight after. It was so stressful. At first I was just going with the flow coz I knew bila Allah nak kasi, dia kasi lah but when all these questions came especially from makcik2 kenduri, even some friends, daripada tak stress, relax je jadi stress gila.

I even started feeling like something was wrong with me. I now understood orang yang kahwin dah lama gila&tak dapat2 lagi rezeki anak felt like. I understood why they sometimes malas attend functions. Ada jugak bila I answered “No, not yet” they’d offer me sympathy when I really wasn’t asking for any ????

“Kita tahu apa yang dia rasa & lalui”

Have U ever thought that Ur questions&what U say could affect someone else? Daripada orang tu elok je okay, but because of Ur questions&what U say, it bothered them? Yes, it all started from You.

If that had never crossed Ur mind, start thinking about it before U ask questions yang tak patut ditanya. U dont know what they’re going through and their level of sensitivity. U dont know probably they’re trying their hardest but Allah hasn’t granted them yet. U just dont know.

Even soalan-soalan “Bila nak kahwin?”, U dont know what they feel every time U ask them that. Banyak lagi questions to ask. Start with “hows ur day?”, kan lebih elok.

Dont question other’s rezeki when it actually all comes down to Allah. It is from Him not something U could just click a button on. There’s no ‘Jodoh’ button or ‘Baby’ button.

And for those who are still waiting for anything at all, pekakkan telinga dengan soalan2 tak berfaedah ni. Allah ada. Allah grants the things U want at the perfect time. Have faith in him, He knows best

Sumber : Farisya Syamin

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