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    Whatsapp Was Down And There Was Chaos This Morning

    Popular social messaging app, WhatsApp went down this morning, leaving users worldwide frustrated. WhatsApp is one of the most popular cross platform mobile messaging apps used to send text, video and audio messages around the world by internet.

    Whatsapp Was Down And There Was Chaos This Morning

    The server, which is used by more than 900 million users worldwide reportedly, went down at around 10.00am local time.

    Malaysians were not spared by the outage as seen by the flood of complains seen on social media, Facebook and Twitter.

    WhatsApp experienced a similar problem recently last New Year’s Eve.

    A spokesperson from the app said in response to the outage earlier this month, “Some people have had trouble accessing WhatsApp for a short period today.”

    “We’re working to restore service back to 100 per cent for everyone and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

    The mobile messenger app was acquired by Facebook in February 2014, which was then followed by the removal of Facebook’s main messenger app from its main mobile, forcing users to download a separate application.

    The application went back to normal after less than an hour, still it remained a top trending topic on Twitter worldwide. - mD

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