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    Who Is Behaving Worst? The Government Or The Citizen?

    How strong is one’s resolve in not giving in to temptation? Most of the time, man can fight his inner desires. However, his outward expressions of behaviour and actions in the way he dresses, the car he drives and the food he eats, and how he interacts with people daily is a mirror to who he is inside. The combined total sum of the man then becomes part of the fabric of our society.

    Who Is Behaving Worst? The Government Or The Citizen?

    Taking for example the institution of the family, it is the child’s duty to allocate a portion of their income for the parents, no matter how small. When children ignore this duty, they are behaving in an irresponsible manner for neglecting their parents.

    Once a child realizes that it is their responsibility to help their family, their desire to spend recklessly will be more controlled, improving their parent’s welfare.

    The same principle applies to a company. In any business there will be profit and the loss. Hence the boss can also be seen as not fulfilling his duty if he does not share the profits when the company becomes successful. Go ask your employer. Have they done what they can to improve their employees’ welfare?

    The same criteria can then be applied to the employee. Has the employee wasted company's time and acted in any way that was unproductive to the company at work? If that is the case, then employee is the one not delivering their end of the deal.

    These kind of moral deliberations happen everyday within the ‘small government’ which constitutes our family, friends or work unit. Whether we realize it or not, these units make up the fabric of society and community as a whole. When society only knows how to demand what they want without giving back to the community, they are also neglecting the role they need to play. By only criticizing and giving negative comments without putting your own house in order first is like the 'pot calling the kettle black'.

    There is a story that unfoldds in a private house. The hardcore supporters of a certain Islamic political party knocks on the door to ask for donations to build a Tahfiz Centre. As they spin their propoganda, the leader condemns the ruling government and its leader and renounces any support for the nation’s democratic system and its services.

    However, when asked where the political leader sends his own children, he admits sending all his children to government schools and not to ‘sekolah pondok’ or Tahfiz centres, displaying how his words directly contradict his actions. You have to walk your talk. And this was when the host, in all his humbleness, replied ‘all four of my children are educated at the tahfiz which I manage’.

    Now lets apply this scenario to the larger political climate of our country. It is easy for the young citizen to reproach their nation's leaders, insult the wife of our leader, point out the faults and what is lacking in our leaders' conduct while at the same time not realizing that their own family unit is not even in order, and they are neglecting their duties as a citizen by not fulfilling their individual responsibility to family and society first before blaming the government.

    They only insist that the government must provide a good livelihood for them and make their life easy, regardless of whether they have done anything to try to provide for themselves first. They insist that the government is elected by them and must answer to them.

    We should ask ourselves first. Who is behaving worst? - mD (Malaysian Digest)

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