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    Adik Neelofa ‘Kutuk’ Sekolah Kerajaan Bikin Netizen Naik Angin!.. (Video)

    Mungkin niat si gadis manis ini hanya untuk berkongsi pengalaman dan keseronokan belajar di International School. Jadi, adik Neelofa yang mesra dipanggil Ameera ini pun merakamkan sebuah video membandingkan kelebihan belajar di International School dan sekolah kerajaan.

    Adik Neelofa ‘Kutuk’ Sekolah Kerajaan Bikin Netizen Naik Angin!.. (Video)

    Bagaimanapun, pendapat peribadi yang diutarakan dalam video tersebut dianggap agak keterlaluan bagi masyarakat Malaysia yang kebanyakannya hanya mampu untuk menuntut ilmu di sekolah kerajaan.

    International School VS Goverment School…

    Setakat jam 12 tengahari ini, video yang berdurasi lebih kurang 10 minit tersebut telah mendapat 40,000 views dan lebih 2,000 dislike di Youtube.

    Antara komen yang diutarakan oleh netizen adalah seperti di bawah.

    Ameera Mohon Maaf..

    I’d like to apologize to anyone who was offended by my recent video about education on Youtube, as I had no intention whatsoever to hurt you in any way. Everything I said was based on my experience and what I observed, as mentioned in the video. I was only comparing, I didn’t mean to bash or anything. I think I had the right to express my opinion on the question that was asked and you had your rights to comment, agree, or disagree with the opinion. You guys have been updating me with so many comments, tweets and such which made me realize how much you actually care by spreading awareness for me to become better. I thank all of you for that. I’ve forgiven everyone who have said various things to me, and I deeply apologize to everyone I’ve offended. I will be extra careful with my next videos. And again, I’m sorry.

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